Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Special Sale Price on JAYDIUM

This month's specials at Book View Cafe include Jaydium for just $0.95. DRM-free, multiple formats (there's an audiobook, too, but it's not on special.)
Here's the newsletter for more offerings.

Hungry for “a wild and woolly journey through time and space,” some really cool aliens, and a touch of romance?
Far in the future, an interplanetary civil conflict has ground to an uneasy halt, leaving its human victims bitter and desperate: Kithri, the daughter of a scientist, abandoned on a desolate mining planet with no hope to use her talents, and Eril, shell-shocked pilot, finding adapting to peace more difficult than he dreamed. A freak accident sends them back to a time when their desert world was lush and green, when an alien civilization stands on the brink of a war of total destruction. Unexpectedly linked with Lennart, a spaceman from an earlier era in galactic history, and Brianna, an anthropologist from an alternate universe, they must choose to remain outside the conflict or to stand up for what they believe, even at the cost of never getting home again?

“A wild and woolly journey through time and space that contains enough imagination and plotting for an entire shelf of books.”
“Beautifully executed . . . marks Wheeler as a stellar new talent.”
— Catherine Asaro in MINDSPARKS
“There is an emphasis on the quest for peace that is unusual when so many novels focus on the quest for dominance and victory.”
— Tom Easton in ANALOG
“JAYDIUM sweeps the reader into a well-designed world populated with realistic people . . . a fast-paced and fun read.”
— Mary Rosenblum
“Excellent hard science-fiction!”
— Marion Zimmer Bradley

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