Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pearl of Fire, Dreams of Steel Table of Contents

Here's the lineup for my forthcoming (October 27) collection of short fantasy stories, from Book View Cafe. Many, but not all, of these stories made their first appearances in the anthology series Sword & Sorceress, many of them under my former name, Deborah Wheeler. For some, this is the first time they've been reprinted anywhere and the original volumes are hard to find. One of the things I love about epublishing is the opportunity to keep gems from the past available to today's readers. 

Bread and Arrows
A Hunter of the Celadon Plains
Storm God
Nor Iron Bars A Cage
Poisoned Dreams
The Sorceress’s Apprentice
Under the Skin
Our Lady of the Toads
Pearl of Fire
Pearl of Tears
Dragon Amber
The Casket of Brass
The Hero of Abarxia

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