Friday, May 29, 2015

Thunderlord snippet - Emergency

Please remember that this is a work in progress and drafts have a habit of changing drastically from inception to finished book.

From Thunderlord Chapter 20

Alayna felt another trickle, and then a cramping low in her belly, so sudden and sharp it took her breath away. She bent over with it. The spasm faded a moment later, but not entirely.  Not trusting to the steadiness of her hands, she set the candlestick on the stone hearth. A small spot of blood marked the front of her nightgown, but when she twisted the back around, she saw that it was drenched.

A knock at the outer door: “My lady?”

“Go away,” Alayna gasped.

What am I going to do?

\The door swung open. Though tears blurred her vision, Alayna made out Dimitra, holding aloft her own candle.

Vai domna, I am sorry to disobey you, but Sadhi heard a noise and reported it to me – Blessed Cassilda!”

The next moment, Dimitra grasped Alayna’s shoulders, turning her. Another cramp seized Alayna, worse than before. Then everything happened at once -- Dimitra shouted for Sadhi, hands lifted the sodden nightgown, lowered her to a bed spread thickly with towels, washed her with warm water – where had that come from, or had she lost track of time? – tucked layers of padding between her legs, pulled a new gown over her shoulders, eased comforters up to her shoulders --

“…Jerana, come at once…” Dimitra said, her back to Alayna.

Alayna, racked with yet another wave of pain, curled into a ball. I want to die, I want to die. What is happening to me? But she knew. She knew.

She roused a little at the sound of Jerana’s voice, a cool touch on her brow, a few murmured words, too indistinct to understand.

Help me. Help my babe.

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