Friday, May 15, 2015

Thunderlord snippet - Duty

Please remember that this is a work in progress and drafts have a habit of changing drastically from inception to finished book.

From Thunderlord Chapter 18

When Alayna arrived back at her chambers, every detail of the sitting room had been made perfect, from the perfectly laid, brightly burning fires to the bouquet of dried strawflowers in an exquisite vase of polished green stone. The chair pillows had been plumped and precisely placed. Dimitra herself stood waiting, hands loosely clasped before her. She inclined her head and curtsied, as a servant to her mistress, as she had not done before. Her eyelids still looked puffy, but her hair had been tidied and her expression revealed nothing of what she had just endured. She waited for Alayna to speak.

We can never be friends after this, Alayna thought. But then, we never were.

She began to compliment Dimitra on how pleasant the room was, but then held her tongue. It was Dimitra’s responsibility to ensure that these rooms, and clothes and meals and anything else Alayna might fancy, were all provided. After all, no one thanked a man for fulfilling his duty.

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