Thursday, May 21, 2015

In Which Deborah is Featured in an Author Interview

Yep, first in our local newspaper and now online, a conversation with the delightful Julie Horner, entitled "Painting the Fantastic Landscape." She said a lot of very lovely things about me and my work.

Here's my favorite bit:

Ross writes about things she has loved to read…”take me away to Dune or Middle Earth,” she says. But Ross points out that so much early science fiction was written by men (Heinlein, “who didn’t have a clue about women,” for instance) or by women under a male pen
name because it wasn’t fashionable in those days for a woman to write science fiction.

Many of Ross’ characters are women in “kick-ass” roles who drive conflict to non-violent solutions. Sci-Fi author, Tom Easton wrote about Ross’ writing in Jaydium, “There is an emphasis on the quest for peace that is unusual when so many novels focus on the quest for dominance and victory.” And in The Seven-Petaled Shield, females are the heroes. “From the outset, I knew that this story had to be told primarily through the experiences of women and would require a huge canvas…and a different kind of heroine.”

Happy author smile! 

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