Monday, February 9, 2015

Making Music, the February 2015 edition

I began studying piano about 8 years ago, the first formal musical education I’d had. Having schlepped two kids through a gazillion lessons (piano, voice, a second instrument), it was finally my turn. I haven’t taken lessons for a few years now but I still play almost every day for 30-45 minutes. I’ll probably never progress much beyond low to mid intermediate level, but since it’s for my own pleasure and there’s plenty of wonderful music within my skill, I don’t care.

Here’s what I’m playing now, both repertoire and new pieces. Some are challenging, some are way too much fun, and some are old familiar friends.

  • Chopin: Preludes Op. 28, no. 4 and 6; Waltz in d minor Op. 69 no. 2 post.
  • Brahms, Waltz in A flat
  • Bach, Fughetta
  • Kabalevsky, Novelette and Waltz
  • Satie, Gymnopédie No. 3
  • O’Carolan, The Queen’s Dream and The Separation of Soul and Body (from Allan Alexander’s The Celtic Collection for Piano)
  • Finn, Song of the Lonely Mountain (the Dan Coates easy piano/voice arrangement)
  • Türk, Children’s Ballet

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