Friday, May 20, 2011

Jim Hines Hosts Deborah on "First Book Friday"

Today's treat is my guest appearance on "First Book Friday," a new series hosted by Jim C. Hines. He's gathered tales of how authors wrote and sold their first novels (well, in my case it wasn't the first I wrote, it was something like the 6th, but it still makes a good story!) So scoot on over and enjoy the tale!

About the time I finished the first draft, I joined a writer’s workshop. They tore it to shreds. I went home and cried, and then set about learning everything they could teach me. Four revisions later, I sent off Jaydium to Sheila Gilbert at DAW. And waited. And wrote the next book. And researched agents. And sold a bunch of short stories to increasingly prestigious markets. And waited some more.

(You can download Jaydium in multi-ebook formats, including those compatible with Kindle and Nook, from Book View Cafe here.

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