Thursday, March 17, 2011

Northlight reviews on LibraryThing

The ebook edition of Northlight was sent out to LibraryThing Early Reviews and got some lovely responses. Since they got linked to the old print version, I'm offering a few excerpts (it's also a great way to turbo-charge my writing day). I've left out the parts that describe the actual story, but you can read them as well as the complete reviews, and others I didn't quote from, here.

"This is a tale of coming to terms with one's past, both as an individual and as a culture, and the story, like the journey, builds in anticipation, slowly at first and then, as the journey embarks, building more rapidly to an intriguing climax. ... I found the book highly engaging and the characters quite interesting. I would recommend this to people who like light sci-fi, stories of alternate universes, and perhaps even those who like epic fantasy or Westerns."

"This tale is not a fantasy that I can directly compare to any others, it has a unique worldview, though not strange. The reasons-behind-it-all are the basis of the central mystery, and that is well done. It is, I guess, more of a cautionary tale than anything, in the end. However, the characters are very interesting and draw you into caring about their lives and how they are coping and changing. That drives a good story even more than interesting ideas or a good moral, and this book has a lot of great characters."

"Very well written book. An interesting plot and some engaging characters make for a good read. This story could have been plucked straight out of today's headlines which is something I like. There are some interesting twists that will keep you reading late into the night. Overall I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it."

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