Monday, March 1, 2021

[shameless self-promotion] Tanja Nathanael Reviews Collaborators

 Here's what literary scholar Tanja Nathanael says about Collaborators:

A deeply sympathetic portrayal from my friend and author Deborah J. Ross of the havoc that ensues when a damaged Earth ship arrives on an alien world. Misunderstandings and tragedies occur on both sides as a result of language and cultural differences. Most especially convincing, the Bandari--the feline gender fluid native population of the planet--are deftly constructed in terms of their biological, emotional, intellectual, and political motives. Like all good #scifibooks , Collaborators engages with the ethics of alien encounters and the consequences of making assumptions based on one's own limited world view.

Happy author smile!

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Amazon (ebook and trade paperback) 

B & N (ebook, trade paperback, and hardcover/laminated cover) 


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Trade paperback: 9781952589003

Hardcover/dust jacket: 9781952589027

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