Friday, June 26, 2020

Short Book Reviews: The Bureau of Faery Godmothers

Wishful Thinking (How To Be The Best Damn Faery Godmother In The World (Or Die Trying), Book 1) by Helen Harper (Harperfire)

Saffron may be the best drug faery ever, creating hallucinations to guide addicts back to sobriety or at least sanity, but her own ambition is to join the august company of faery godmothers. The most wonderful job she can imagine is to grant the dearest wish of her human client. When she at last receives a coveted invitation to join that elite organization, she is thrilled . . . until she discovers that faery godmothers are going missing and she is to be the bait for the kidnapper. Her welcome is anything but warm as the other godmothers, male and female alike, ignore, spurn, or attack her. To make matters worse, the darkly sinister and intimidating Devil’s Advocate arrives to investigate the situation.

Saffron’s personality shines through the story. She’s warm and funny and earthy, and compassionate in a way few other faeries are. The story achieves a nice balance between dramatic tension, action, and quieter but no less fascinating events. The magic is innovative, the setting (London) a quixotic blend of mundane and otherworldly, and all the characters grow and change. I especially love stories in which both the protagonist and her adversaries reveal hidden depths, becoming more complex and appealing (or revolting, as the case may be). Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the next adventures of Saffron and her friends.

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