Friday, March 11, 2016

ToC: The Usual Path to Publication

My essay, "The Magic Phone Call," is among many delicious, terrifying, inspiring stories of how authors managed to "break in" to publication (and no, there is no "usual" way). These have been edited by Shannon Page, and the resulting anthology will be released in early June (and is available for pre-order here.)

I'm in such great company!

Cherie Priest: How I Skidded Sideways Into Publishing
Alma Alexander: Don’t Try This at Home, or, This Can Only Work Once
Mark Teppo: Mapping Uncharted Terrain, or, How I Got Here (Though I’m Not Sure Where “Here” Is)
Laura Anne Gilman: Two Paths
Jim C. Hines: The Goblin’s Curse
Katharine Kerr: That Long Winding Road
David D. Levine: How to Sell a Novel in Only Fifteen Years
K. Tempest Bradford: It All Happened Because of Netscape Navigator
Ada Palmer: The Key to the Kingdom, or, How I Sold Too Like the Lightning
Ken Scholes: My Path to Publication, and My Other Path to Publication
Nancy Jane Moore: The Long Winding Road
Jennifer Brozek: No One True Way
Rhiannon Held: Timeline Key Points
Jo Walton: Not Deluded: How I Sold My First Novel
Chris Dolley: First Sale
Brenda Cooper: With a Little Help from a Poet
Chaz Brenchley: My First Book
Tina Connolly: Going from Short Stories to Novels in 60,000 Easy Words
Randy Henderson: My Finn Fancy Adventure in Publishing
Elizabeth Bourne: The Gypsy Curse
John A. Pitts: My Path to Publication
Mindy Klasky: April Is the Cruelest Month
Amy Sterling Casil: I Was Rejected, Then Sold the Same Story to the Same Editor!
Deborah J. Ross: The Magic Phone Call
Phyllis Irene Radford: My Road to Publishing, or, Tiptoeing Through Mine Fields
Sara Stamey: How I Became a “Real Author”

Trisha Leigh/Lyla Payne: Making It

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