Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New York report...a busy week!

Lambda Literary Awards, a micro-report: The award ceremony last night was filled with glamour, fellowship, humor, and tears (especially the video montage, "The Book That Saved My Life.") Saw a few friends, met some others. Did not win, but losing to Melissa Scott (who was pioneer and inspiration to a generation) (and Ann Griswold) counts as a honor. Now I can forever say I am a Lambda Award Finalist!

The Heir of Khored, the final volume of my epic fantasy trilogy, is now on sale! (At your local bookstore or the usual online venues.)

On SFSignal, I collected responses from some of the authors in Stars of Darkover about how Marion had influenced their careers. The "guest roundtable" is live today.

Stars of Darkover is available in print edition, with ebooks to follow shortly. I guess the different editions go live at slightly different times.

Over on Far Fetched Tales you can listen to a free podcast of my short story, "Nor Iron Bars," from Sword and Sorceress.

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