Friday, August 23, 2013

A Moment of Authorial Glee

Some moments are true high points in a writer's life. Holding a copy of your first book (or an anthology containing your first published short story). Your first fan mail. The first time a reader comes up to you at a convention and says how much they enjoyed your work (even if you secretly fear no one has read it!)

Some moments never become blase -- or shouldn't. Seeing the cover painting for an upcoming release is always fraught with uncertainty. Did the artist "get" it (did the artiste even have a copy of the manuscript to work from?) Did sales glitz triumph over good taste? Did the gender, age, or race of the main character get altered?

I just saw the final cover painting for Shannivar, the second volume of The Seven-Petaled Shield, and am so filled with delight that I'm practically bouncing up and down. Alas, I cannot show it to you because it's not a real cover yet. It needs title, etc., which should be coming along shortly. I just needed to tell someone how right the folks at DAW and my amazing cover artist, Matt Stawicki, got it.

Shannivar is an Azkhantian warrior, that people being based partly on the Scythians and the Mongols. She's Asian, not white, and she's seriously kick-ass. The cover shows her beautiful honey-dark skin, black hair, and slanted eyes. She's wearing warm, colorful clothing that she can actually ride and fight in (as the cover shows!) Matt even got some wonderful details, like the wings on her vest, symbolizing her Golden Eagle clan, and the red hue of the horse her cousin is riding in the background.

Stay tuned for a peek at the real thing!

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