Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Check out my "Highwayman" Story

Many long years ago, when GEnie was the place to hang out online, at least for the fantasy and science fiction communities, a number of anthologies got put together as a result of these conversations. It was a bit like thos late-night parties at conventions. Someone throws out an idea, and other people throw back variations of it, and pretty soon you've got a themed anthology with an editor and verbal commitments from a a bunch of published authors.

Highwaymen: Rogues and Robbers began with a bunch of us discussing the romanticism of the poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson in Jennifer Roberson's author topic. The idea -- imgery, emotion, plot ideas, characters -- had wonderful resonance for many of us. My own came about as a synthesis of an old dream and playing around with the James Bond character, putting him in period drag (and making him considerably less arrogant and more amenable to seeing the error of his male-chauvinist ways). I had, as they say, way too much fun with this story. I hope you'll enjoy it, too. Just click "Read A Story."

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