Sunday, July 10, 2011

Launch Pad Diary July 10

Today was Travel Day, the process of gathering warm bodies from the many corners of the land. Dave made me waffles, sweet man. We trundled off to San Jose Airport, where I discovered that my flight was delayed, albeit not by much. Mike Brotherton says that one year, transport was such a mess, people didn't all arrive until 10 pm and then the dorm keys didn't work. We, however, all made it in at a civilized hour, trekked by van from Denver to Laramie, checked in, and walked up the block to a sort of sports bar/brewput/burger joint named, either appropriately or inappropriately, "The Library." (As in, Mom, I was at the Library until 12 am!)

On the way, I saw unbelievably flat land with unbelievably straight roads. But also very beautiful mountains and hills and lots of green... and pronghorn antelope, browsing along the freeway. Gorgeous caramel and cream beasties. To a Californian, very exotic. Also some birds that Stan Schmidt, riding in my van, said were ravens. Also some camels from a sort of wildlife station place, looking very out of place amid all that green.

We also had a little thunder and a little rain, mostly in Denver. These are not so exotic, although the locals seem to take them for granted more than I do.

Class begins at 10 am tomorrow, looking at scales of the universe. Our instructors are Mike Brotherton and Jim Verley, plus Stan Schmidt and Jerry Oltion. We are in a dorm at one end of the campus, and classes are in Classroom Building at the other end. There appear to be no campus maps of the sort one may carry around. For me, who is the most directionally-challenged person I know, this presents interesting possibilities.

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