Friday, March 29, 2013

Cover - The Seven-Petaled Shield

My love affair with this world and its people began with a series of short stories in Sword & Sorceress. I kept wanting to go back and explore more...and before I knew it, I'd committed trilogy -- one long story arc with four major cultures, a vast and wonderful landscape, and characters I came to treasure for their compassion, their arrogance, their wisdom, their courage, their human frailty.

The first part, The Seven-Petaled Shield (which is also the name of the trilogy) comes out from DAW in June. Here's the cover, with a painting by the wonderful Matt Stawicki:

I am such a happy camper. (And you can pre-order it from your favorite indie bookstore or the usual internet sources.)

I'll be blogging more about it as the time approaches.

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