Monday, December 18, 2017

Lace and Blade 4 Review in Publishers Weekly

Lace and Blade 4 will be released Valentine's Day 2018, a delicious collection of romantic, swashbuckling, inventive, poignant fantasy stories to delight the senses. Look for interviews with the authors, coming soon. It will be available in ebook and trade paperback formats at the usual vendors.

Dave Smeds’s “The Wind’s Kiss,” ... captures not only the imagination but also the heart, leaving behind a sense of peace and longing. India Edghill’s “Pawn’s Queen” follows a young woman on the path to her own destiny, seamlessly marrying a feast for the senses with the darker whimsies of magic and duty. Marella Sands’s excellent “The Game of Lions” focuses on the strength of bonds between sisters and teammates. The ... stories evoke wonder and excitement.

--Publisher's Weekly

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