Monday, August 29, 2016

Masques of Darkover (anthology) Table of Contents

I've been editing the next Darkover anthology, Masques of Darkover, which will be released May 2017. It's such a thrill to be entrusted with such wonderful, insightful, and imaginative tales. Here's the Table of Contents. I'll be posting the cover once it's done.
Jane Bigelow, Duvin’s Grand Tour
Rosemary Edghill, Generations

Meg Mac Donald, Upon this Rock

Evey Brett, Only Men Dance
Shariann Lewitt, The Wind

Ty Nolan, Dark Comfort

Steven Harper, Sight Unseen

Robin Wayne Bailey, The Mountains of Light

Marella Sands, Bone of My Bone

Rebecca Fox, Where You’re Planted

Leslie Roy Carter and Margaret L. Carter, Believing

India Edghill, The Price of Stars

In case you can't wait until next spring, you can always enjoy the previous Darkover anthologies I've edited:

Stars of Darkover

Gifts of Darkover

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