Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Juliette Wade's "Dive Into Worldbuilding" Show Now Has a Patreon

Deborah, thank you for inviting me to post at your blog!

If you come here to read about Deborah's work, I have a suspicion that you enjoy good worldbuilding. Deborah is an expert at it, and it's also one of my favorite things to do. I've been privileged to talk with her about it on many occasions, including when I hosted her on my show, Dive into Worldbuilding. Dive into Worldbuilding is a live weekly discussion of language and culture topics for worldbuilders. Once or twice a month, I have a guest author come and talk about their work. The best example I can show you is Deborah herself, when she came to talk about her fascinating series, The Seven-Petaled Shield.

The transcript is here.

We focused in particular on the cultural models she'd chosen for the different coexisting societies in the series, and on the way she decided to work with many different languages that not all the characters could speak.

On the other weeks of the month, we come together to discuss a wide variety of topics such as colors, economics, language differences, bathrooms, cities, body modification, and many others.

Starting today, I'm expanding what I'm able to do with the show by starting a Patreon and creating the Dive into Worldbuilding workshop. The funds raised by the Patreon will support me in my running of the show and my research on panel topics; they will also allow me to pay my guest authors for their valuable insights and time.

[Deborah adds: This is an excellent thing!}

Where the workshop and the Patreon intersect is in the rewards I'm offering for patrons. At each level, patrons receive things like worldbuilding prompts, research links, a peek into my worldbuilding journal, the ability to ask me worldbuilding questions, an in-depth analysis of your work, or even a personal consultation. Essentially, becoming a patron means you're signing up to participate in the workshop at whatever level you prefer.

If you're looking to dive deeper into your worldbuilding, join us!

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