Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Jane M. H. Bigelow on "Snow Dancing" in REALMS OF DARKOVER

Realms of Darkover®, the newest Darkover anthology, will be released in May 2016. You can pre-order it at Amazon (and it will be available at other outlets soon). Here’s a contributor interview to whet your appetite!
Marion Zimmer Bradley’s beloved world of Darkover encompasses many realms, from glacier-shrouded mountains to arid wastelands, from ancient kingdoms to space-faring empires. Now this all-new anthology welcomes old friends and new fans to explore these landscapes of time and place, history and imagination.

Jane M. H. Bigelow had her first professional publication in Free Amazons of Darkover. Since then, she has published a fantasy novel, Talisman, as well as short stories and short nonfiction on such topics as gardening in Ancient Egypt. Jane is a retired reference librarian, a job which encouraged her to go on being curious about everything and exposed her to a rich variety of people. She lives in Denver, CO with her husband and two spoiled cats.

Deborah J. Ross: When and why did you begin writing?
Jane M. H. Bigelow: My first stories were mostly crayon pictures with a few words. I remember one with a young witch flying over the houses and having a wonderful time. As a story it lacked conflict, but the witch and I had a great time.

DJR: Tell us about your introduction to Darkover. What about the world or its inhabitants drew you in?
JMHB: Darkover's wonderfully detailed world  intrigued me, especially the strong basis for the Darkovan's psi abilities. I only found the series after it had been going on for awhile; another thing I liked was that I didn't need to read the books in a set order to enjoy them.

DJR: What do you see as the future of Darkover? Is there another story you would particularly like to write?
JMHB: Another story? Oh, yes, several. As far as the future goes, I hope we'll see more of the ways that Terrans and Darkovans work out a coexistence. It seems to me that at least some of the Terran Empire might change, too. I enjoy stories set during the Hundred Kingdoms period also, though I can't seem to write them.

DJR: What inspired your story in Realms of Darkover?
JMHB: I'd always wondered why nobody on Darkover used cross-country skis to get around in all that snow. Since Darkovans didn't in fact have them, how could I introduce them?  What would happen if I did?

DJR: What have you written recently? What lies ahead? (feel free to expound on your recent and forthcoming books!)
JMHB: I recently had a short story, "The Golden Ruse", published in Luxor: Gods, Grit and Glory, ed. Billl Petty. I've sent my second novel, Children's Knives, off to a major publisher during their window when they'd accept unagented submissions; here's hoping! Former gem-thief Layla's determined to live alone, quietly, in the great trade city of Issrandar in The Wastes. She wants nothing more to do with magic, politics, or love. Both her friends and her enemies have other ideas. An earlier novel in the same world, Talisman, was published by Pronghorn Press and is now available on Smashwords.
Currently, I'm working on another Darkover story, still too vague to discuss, and a mystery set in 17th century France. Its working title is The Body Under the Bed

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