Saturday, August 26, 2017

[political rant] I cannot keep up with Trump's sh*t

Let me get this straight. It's Friday, August 25 and:

  • Trump pardoned convicted Arpaio
  • Trump signed the transgender military ban
  • Trump's close adviser (and Bannon ally) Seb Gorka is quitting
  • Mueller  issued subpoenas for officials with ties to Manafort 
  • North Korea just fired short-range missiles

Oh, and there's a hurricane bearing down on Texas (although it seems to be losing power and may be downgraded to a tropical storm...too bad the same cannot be said aboutTrump's atrocities)

What's Trump's response? A Tweet that says "Good luck" as he takes off for a vacation at Camp David, leaving the rest of us mortals to deal with the unfolding crises. Plural, many of his own making.

I am so appalled, there are no words.

You can read more details in the Washington Post article.

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