New and Forthcoming

A Heat Wave in the Hellers, and Other Tales of Darkover, a collection of my own Darkover short fiction.  In print and ebook editions. At Book View Cafe, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other outlets.
“Midwife” relates the adventures of a young woman who inadvertently becomes the surrogate mother of a banshee chick — a smelly, sightless, carnivorous bird. …A pair of City Guards cadets invent an imaginary recruit in order to avoid their chores, and then must face the consequences…In the Ages of Chaos, a young wizard must rely on his uncertain powers to survive a haunted Tower…When the new lord of a captured castle is found murdered, the all-too-obvious suspect is an Aldaran assassin…Only the legendary Keeper could save her circle under the onslaught of forbidden weapons, but the results would cripple generations of women to come……and in the title story, written as a birthday gift, I  send Marion Zimmer Bradley herself to Darkover to solve a crisis in “A Heat Wave in the Hellers”…

You can read many of my individual short stories on my Curious Fictions page. Some stories will be free and others for subscribers only. The first free story, "Sweet Prince," is a light, short collection of letters from Gertrude of Denmark to Elizabeth I of England, complaining of the antics of her wayward son. Enjoy!

The print edition of Ink Dance: Essays on the Writing Life is now available, with extra pages for your own notes. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your favorite indie bookstore through Ingram.
A cup of inspiration, a dash of understanding, a bouquet of wisdom for writers new and old. From the desk of writer and editor Deborah J. Ross comes a collection of warm, insightful essays on “the writing life” – from getting started, negotiating with the Idea Fairy and creating memorable characters, to writing queries, surviving bad reviews, dealing with life’s interruptions and creative jealousy, to nourishing yourself and your creative muse. With space for personal notes.

The print edition of Pearls of Fire, Dreams of Steel is also available now. Same vendors.