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The Seven-Petaled Shield (epic fantasy trilogy, DAW): Elemental magic existed before mankind was born, and for good or ill, some of this magic seeped into the world, eventually coalescing into a monstrous entity of Fire and Ice, a threat to all humanity. Aided by his six brothers, a legendary king found the means to stand against this incarnation of chaos, forging six magical crystals surrounding a single luminous core: the Seven-Petaled Shield. With it, they subdued the entity and imprisoned it in the far North. But with the passing of generations, the king's line faltered and his once-great city, Meklavar, diminished until its importance was all but forgotten. Yet within its walls the remnants of the Shield still held power.

As the city falls, its newly widowed queen, Tsorreh, flees with her adolescent son, Zevaron, and the heart-stone of the Shield, seeking refuge in her mother's homeland -- but there may be nowhere in her world where refuge can be found.

Unaware of the legendary Shield and hungry only for a mighty empire, the king of Gelon has begun a march of conquest. But what could have been merely ruthless ambition becomes potentially cataclysmic when his unstoppable army turns toward Meklavar.

For with the removal of the heart-stone, the ancient power of Fire and Ice strengthens, spreading its malevolent influence across the land. And this time there is no legendary king to stop it -- only  Tsorreh and her son, caught in the chaos, desperate heirs to a shattered Shield.

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Collaborators - Lambda Literary Award Finalist
When a crippled Terran spaceship makes landfall on an alien world.
The Terrans land, unaware that their advanced technology threatens the fragile balance of power for the native race. Aliens, for whom gender has a very different meaning and whose instincts can drive a crowd to madness.

Despite the Terrans best intentions, misunderstandings mount and violent retaliation escalates. Soon everyone — scientists and soldiers, rebels and lovers, patriots and opportunists — are swept up in a cycle of destruction.

A revised version, with maps and bonus materials, will be released October 2020 in ebook and print editions. It's available for pre-order from Barnes and Noble, and Amazon and other outlets (Kobo, Apple, GooglePlay, Scribd, etc.) The print version will be published on the release date, and your local bookstore can order it through Ingram.

Hungry for "a wild and woolly journey through time and space," some really cool aliens, and a touch of romance? 

The death of her scientist father had left Kithri to make her own way in a rough and tumble mining community. And while she was probably the best jaydium miner on the planet, working alone she would never be able to earn enough to escape this dust bowl of a world for the opportunities to be found in space. So when Eril arrived in port, ostensibly looking for a way to make some quick cash, Kithri agreed to take him with her on a mining run.

Neither Kithri nor Eril could foresee that they would soon be adrift in time -- courtesy of a bizarre chain-reaction between an unstable jaydium deposit and Eril's force whip -- and unexpectedly linked with Lennart, a spaceman from an earlier era in galactic history, and Brianna, an anthropologist from an alternate universe. Suspicious of one another, and each certain that his or her own space-time is the right one to be in, the four have to join forces when they find themselves transported to an earlier time in the history of Kithri's planet. A time when an alien civilization ruled over what was then a lush water world. A time, too, when the very presence of the humans might push this civilization to the brink of destruction....

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"A wild and woolly journey through time and space that contains enough imagination and plotting for an entire shelf of books." -- Don D'Ammassa, Science Fiction Chronicle

"Beautifully executed . . . marks Wheeler as a stellar new talent." -- Catherine Asaro, Mindsparks

"There is an emphasis on the quest for peace that is unusual when so many novels focus on the quest for dominance and victory." -- Tom Easton, Analog

"JAYDIUM sweeps the reader into a well-designed world populated with realistic people . . . a fast-paced and fun read." -- Mary Rosenblum

"Excellent hard science-fiction . . . I look forward to reading more." -- Marion Zimmer Bradley

"A smashing debut novel!" -- Mike Resnick

She's a Ranger, a wild and savvy knife-fighter, determined to get help in finding her partner who's lost on the treacherous northern border. He's a scholar who sees visions, eager to escape the confines of city life and the shadow of his charismatic mother. With the assassination of a beloved leader and the city in turmoil, the two have only each other to turn to. What begins as a rescue mission turns deadly as together they unravel the secret that lies beneath Laurea's idyllic surface.
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"A beautifully constructed fantasy with characters who grow and mature before the reader's eyes and who are engagingly human while being fantastically heroic. Her writing flows and the point of view switches are interesting and exciting. This book is a keeper."
Rickey Mallory, Affair de Coeur

"A style and manner reminiscent of McCaffrey's Crystal Singer series." The Bookwatch

"An unusual saga that starts slowly but builds to a startling climax." Sherry S. Hoy, Kliatt

"Solid characters and a well-designed world make for good reading." Philadelphia Press

"The plot moves briskly from crisis in Laureal to capture by the Norther barbarians to discovery of the true meaning of the Northlight of the title, with ample foreshadowing from the mysterious spooky something in the air of the frontier. And the culmination quite satisfactorily evokes the sense of wonder." Tom Easton, Analog

The vampire has known only evil since he was made, until a Jewish doctor reconnects him with life… Two women mourning two dead mothers tread the boundaries between grief and obsession… A ghoulish spirit haunts a refugee in Renaissance Venice… A healer discovers a dying man with the heart of a dragon on her doorstep… Two boys travel back in time to discover the true nature of Tyrannosaurus rex… A mother vampire, struggling to raise two vampire children in Hollywood, encounters her biggest challenge yet: the PTA. From the ancient Indus Valley to post-apocalyptic California come fourteen tales of love, redemption, and hope…and occasional humor.

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A magical pearl turns a young girl into warrior without pity… A dragon bound to an amulet of amber seeks the aid of a forest wizard… A bitter, crippled fairy plots revenge on her captors… A vampire stalks back alleys, seeking to turn the tables on those who prey on women… The hapless apprentice to a sorceress gets her wish fulfilled…  The Arabian Nights meets Hamlet, with a feminine twist. Here is a potpourri of dragons and toads, horses and thieves, mothers and daughters, and lovers and villains, with an occasional salamander.

A print edition is also available. Your local bookstore can order it through Ingram.

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Set in the world of The Seven-Petaled Shield. Across the Azkhantian steppe, warrior women ride to battle against foes both human and supernatural. From the world of The Seven-Petaled Shield come four fantasy tales, originally published in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Sword & Sorceress. Prophecy links a mother and daughter in an unbreakable bond. A young woman defies tradition to become a shaman. When twins are magically divided, the survivor searches for the other half of her soul. A warrior woman discovers that to wield a magical blade dishonorably carries a heavy price. 
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A cup of inspiration, a dash of understanding, a bouquet of wisdom for writers new and old.Here is a collection of warm, insightful essays on “the writing life” – from getting started, negotiating with the Idea Fairy and creating memorable characters, to writing queries,  surviving bad reviews, dealing with life’s interruptions and creative jealousy, to nourishing yourself and your creative muse.

A new print version is also available, with space for personal notes. Your local bookstore can order it through Ingram.

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