Friday, June 8, 2018

Praise for Thunderlord

From Library Journal: 

Those who fondly remember the “Darkover” books (Stormqueen!; Hawkmistress!) set during the Ages of Chaos will welcome this new entry, which chronicles the aftermath of a conflict between two houses that can control the weather telepathically. Ross collaborated with Bradley on several other Darkover titles before Bradley’s death in 1999, and has written most recently The Children of Kings.

From Gabrielle Harbowy, editor and author:

Stormqueen! is my favorite of the Darkover books, and Thunderlord is a worthy successor to it. Ross sets up a complicated situation, drawing on all the nuance of Darkover politics and manners, and then proceeds to tighten the knot around her characters with fierce tension and, as the kids say, "all the feels." Definitely a worthy addition to the Darkover legacy!

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