Friday, April 17, 2015

Thunderlord snippet -Beauty

Please remember that this is a work in progress and drafts have a habit of changing drastically from inception to finished book.

From Thunderlord Chapter 13

 “Damisela.” Dom Ruyven took her by the arm with such firmness that she had no choice but to come away with him. “We must proceed with all haste to Castle Scathfell, there to await the bandits’ ransom demand.”

Alayna suppressed an involuntary shudder at his unctuous manner. At first, she’d attributed it to unfamiliarity with unmarried young women, and beautiful ones at that. Kyria might not be conventionally pretty, but had a striking vitality that transformed her regular features into a luminous beauty, or so Alayna thought, although Kyria might well accuse her of seeing through the heart instead of the eyes. As for Alayna herself, everyone said she was the beauty of the family. She had long known this to be true, from her first memories of being petted and indulged as a young child, the darling of the household. As she grew into womanhood, she saw the effect she had on men, the way even the strongest blushed and stammered.

But not so with Dom Ruyven. He had treated her with distant politeness, when he had bothered to address himself to her at all, thinking first of his own comfort and safety, then of Kyria’s. The bandit attack had changed that. All of a sudden, this lord – who had never spared more than a passing glance at her, and never a word as to how she fared – treated her in the most solicitous manner. What did he want?

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