Friday, October 19, 2012

Steve Berman on True Faces on Hallowe'en

A letter from Steve Berman of Lethe Press. If you haven't checked them out, this might be the time (and you don't have to be gay to enjoy great stories that feature gay characters).

October is our favorite month. I adore pumpkins and Halloween. Daulton likes the way the sunlight streams into the room. Our patrons love our particular brand of queer speculative fiction--not merely a book with a few gay trappings laced over romance with vampires or shifters, but real, quality fantasy and science-fiction lauded in the pages of Publishers Weekly.

You deserve such books. You deserve quality memoirs that are honest with emotion and empathy. You deserve new fairy tales for the modern day world. That's why Lethe exists. 

We don't hide behind any costumes. We don't need to. We embrace our true face, whether it be wondrous or mysterious. There is a reason why our books have been finalists (or won) a variety of awards such as the Andre Norton (young adult spec fic), the Shirley Jackson (dark and fantastic), the Golden Crown Literary (lesbian titles), and yes, even that Lammy. We offer treats rather than tricks (I'm sure plenty of our readers like a bit of both, so I recommend you seek whimsy in our fiction than toilet papering your neighbor).

Have a wonderful month of thrills and chills!

Steve Berman
Lethe Press, Inc. 

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