Thursday, December 22, 2011

And Now A Word From Our E-Publisher...

Both my out of print novels -- Jaydium and Northlight -- are available in electronic form. They're fun reads, if I do say so myself, with adventure and romance and cool nifty stuff. So if you haven't read them, you should hie yourself hence to the appropriate site and indulge yourself.

You could zip over to I'd like to convince you not to. Instead, buy from Book View Cafe. There's no need to give your business to the 800-lb gorilla that seems bent on putting everyone else -- including our favorite indie brick and board bookstores -- out of business. You can download any of BVC's publications to your Kindle (or Nook) (instructions here).

First of all, it's better for the authors. We get a far greater percentage of each sale -- and the cost to you is the same. We decide on how much goes to BVC and none of that end up in the pockets of fatcat investors -- it goes right back into the site so we can pay our tech person decently and other things we decide collectively.

Second, it's much better for you. You purchase a subscription that allows you to download in as many different formats as you like. Once downloaded, the files remain on your devices -- BVC can't "pull the plug," the way they did with Orwell's 1984. If you chuck your Kindle and go for a Nook, you don't have to pay for another download.

Third, you'll find original as well as reprint books by seasoned pro authors, all professionally edited and beautifully formatted (unlike a lot of the ebooks out there!) Some of these are not available anywhere else.

Not sure? You can read sample chapters of all of them to give you a taste.

(After you've downloaded and enjoyed your copies, you could sneak over to and leave a short review, of course.)

Here are links to Jaydium, Northlight, Other Doorways - the omnibus that includes both, and the short story, The Casket of Brass. More shorts coming in Spring 2012!


  1. Tweeted and Facebooked. I am also going to put up a blurb in my LJ, mentioning that you can one-stop shop at BVC! Plus, a free Vonda McIntype novel!

  2. Ah, the one time I don't proof, and we get McIntype, not McIntyre....

  3. I kind of like McIntype. It could be a pseudonym. I hardly ever use pseudonyms or handles but this one is fun.

    Deborah Wessel and I once edited a magazine for a workshop we were in; the publishing company (nonexistent except for that one issue) was Weasel & Wagontire (a town near Malheur Field Station where the workshop happened).


  4. I was using nook, since I have their reader, but their customer service (and lack thereof) was making me crazy. I'm using Kindle now because it's convenient. I have my ebook on both of those, plus on Smashwords which offers ebooks in PDF, HTML, and Word formats for reading online. I will check out BVC. Thanks, Deborah.

  5. @ Katharine - I think your fingers caught it from my fingers! And a free Vonda N. McIntyre novel is a treat indeed! "Only at BVC!"

    @ Vonda - Pfft! Good thing I'd put down my mug of tea when I read that!

    @ Michele - I hope you find many delights over at the BVC site. We've been trying to include more genres. New author debuts coming soon -- and Beyond Grimm, the fairy tale anthology I edited with Irene Radford, will be out in March, another BVC exclusive.